‘Dawnie, you spread so much good, so much healing and promote such positivity. It’s a beautiful gift you have. It has and will always leave a beautiful mark on my life which I hope spreads onto my little ones and it definitely has my husband. Thank you so much.’

Female, 30s

‘I just wanted to send you a message full of love, light and gratitude for all the help and kindness you have given me throughout the years and for allowing me to step into the most beautiful journey of discovery. Have a good day wonderful Dawnie.’

Female, 30s

‘It’s been so great being with you. You’ve been the most wonderful example of someone who expresses love in every moment. You are the most open-hearted loving person I have ever met cand I just want to thank you for this preious gift. When I met you I felt truly heard.’

Female student, 40s

‘Having had ‘therapy’ in both the nhs and private sector, I have to say Dawnie offers a unique service. From the moment of the initial consultation I knew this was going to be a very different experience. Dawnies natural ability to tune into your current state, to walk alongside you, have your back or cheerleading from the front, means you never doubt she always has your best interests at heart. Dawnie will help you solve problems/ issues in an entirely holistic and practical approach. By helping you utilise your own innate abilities of the mind body and spirit (even when you think you don’t have them). Dawnie never claims to have all the answers and describes herself as perfectly imperfect. She will however try every approach necessary to help you get the results you need. Dawnie greets you with a unique humanity, humility, humour with a lightness of touch. This at once makes you feel supported, safe and heard like never before. You will never doubt her commitment to you and your journey together.

Female, 40s

Thank you Dawnie. You’ve helped me so much already, I feel so much stronger and in a better place since meeting you. I’ve never thought that bringing out who I was as a child would heal me. I could barely remember things from the past till meeting you. Now all memories are coming back every day and making me so much more happy. I was in such a dark place and now all these lights are shooting through. I still need to understand so much more but I feel so much stronger already. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in New Year.

Female, 30s

‘Thank you so much for eveything you did for me. You helped me realise things I was hiding from for so long, move on and find myself again. I will always be grateful for that. Thank you.’

Female, 30s

‘You exude a tenderness and warmth I’ve never encountered before in life. This and the safety I have felt in our relationship, the absolute acceptance and freedom to be myself has enabled me to grow so much. I feel like I’m standing looking at a vista, an exciting world I want to explore, with self-forgiveness, self-love and a deep compassion for others. Thank you so much.’

Male, 40s

‘Dawnie is, in a word, simply wonderful. She has guided me through years of therapy with genuine love and care. Her approach is holistic and takes into account both the mind and the body. Her therapy has nurtured, challenged and supported me, and has helped me greatly to grow, find myself and flourish as an individual. I can truly say I would not go anywhere else for counselling.’

Female, 30s

‘Dawnie has been the first counsellor I’ve ever had and she really helped me think in a new, healthier perspective, and work through life changes I have been experiencing since the Covid lockdown. I immediately warmed to her; she is a very kind, receptive, incredibly generous and gifted listener and I feel I have got to know my true self much better. Each session, after an hour, I was impressed by how far we had come in the conversation – transformative and enlightening. Each hour was incredibly treasured and I have no doubt I will come back should I ever need some counselling again.’

Male, 30s

‘Where to begin, I could not recommend Dawnie more! I will be eternally grateful for the love, support and safety she has shown to me through her counselling during the hardest years of my life so far. Dawnie has a very holistic approach to counselling, in every session, I have only ever felt completely heard and accepted. Dawnie has taught me the true meaning of self-love and self-respect. She has helped me to accept and heal from past trauma in a way I didn’t believe was possible before I met her. She was a light in some of my darkest days. Thank you Dawnie, from the very bottom of my heart.’

Female, 20s

‘When I first met Dawnie I was struggling with major social anxiety and persistent negative intrusive thoughts. Dawnie listened, she cared, she made me see things clearly and she helped me address everything. Dawnie has an amazing skill of putting you at ease, I felt safe enough to open up about everything and anything which I never have before.
I can not recommend Dawnie enough, she is a ray of sunshine on the darkest day.
Two years on and I think of her often, when I’m my bravest I know she’d be proud and if I struggle I remember what she taught me and I feel stronger.
Everyone should be lucky enough to spend some time with her she truly is a joy.’

Female, 30s

‘I spent a wonderful weekend with Dawnie for my level 1 Reiki training. The group session was a really supportive and immersive experience. Dawnie led the teaching and discussion with such care and deep knowledge that when it came to practise what we had learned on each other it felt very comfortable. It was lovely to share this space with a group of supportive women, all of us keen to learn. After the class I continued to practise reiki on myself and family members. Thank you!’

Female, 30s

‘Dawnie is an amazing counsellor. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help. I had seen previous counsellor, but they just didn’t understand what I was dealing with as much as Dawnie. She was the only person I trusted to be able to help me to heal. Why? Because she is genuine, loving and always present and just amazing at her job. I can say I am healing from things I never thought was possible. I will always reccommend Dawnie, and I will always go back to her if I get stuck. She is an inspiration, and such a beacon of light in the dark. I can’t say enough positive things about her, thanks again so much Dawnie’

Female, 20s

‘I have been blessed enough to have sought support and guidance from Dawnie for a few years now. I can’t recommend Dawnie enough – her gentle and innately human response to my journey has been nothing short of life changing to me (and I don’t say that lightly!) Dawnie is endlessly empathetic. I look back on the person I was when I first met Dawnie, and I feel so humbled at the personal growth that she has supported me in reaching. I always leave having felt heard, appreciated and supported. I have learned the power of breathing with Dawnie, and I am especially grateful for the safe and calming space I am offered to explore my feelings. I am so grateful for Dawnie’s dedication to her work – it is so clearly a work of heart . Through Dawnie, I have been able to develop a spirituality that she has helped me to embrace and embody. I feel I now experience life with a deeper gratitude and appreciation for all that it offers. Thank you.’

Female, 20s

‘I was so lucky to be able to work with Dawnie. When I started to see her I needed help for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. She helped me with genuine love and respect. Her understanding and invaluable insights helped me to find my true self and to grow as a person. Dawnie is a shining light that guided me through my darkest days, if not for her help I would still be lost in the dark.
I think about my time with Dawnie a lot, her words still help me six months on.
I am eternally grateful to Dawnie for all of her help.
If I was to need help again in the future, I would call her. I highly recommend Dawnie to everyone..’

Female, 30s

‘Dawnie is just amazing. Her holistic therapy techniques focused on breathing for wellbeing helped me through my PTSD like no other therapy could. Dawnie is simply the most beautiful human, who really cares about the history, life and wellbeing of her clients. I felt I could talk to her truthfully without fear of judgment or rejection. Dawnie remains professional at all times, but with a caring and considerate approach. Dawnie gave me Reiki therapy and along with breath perception therapy I was able to feel comfortable in my own body and mind again, the connection between the two came back and in turn I was able to heal spiritually, physically and mentally. I learnt a lot about the courage and spirit I had inside of me from Dawnie, and I will be forever grateful to her as she ‘saved me’ and inspired me to fulfil my dreams..’

Female, 20s

‘Thank you dear Dawnie for the support, enlightenment and the listening without judgement you always offer, you continue to be a light in my life I am so thankful for and I wish you a 2021 filled with peace, joy and love!’.

Female, 20s

‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New Year are full of love, light and peace. Thank you for your unconditional love and all your wisdom. I would not have gotten through the last year without you and I am so grateful for that. However, I will also be eternally grateful for you showing me the true beauty of depth and in showing me your wonder, helping me to discover the wonder within me. I am so thankful you came into my life’.

Female, 20s

‘I had the pleasure of working with Dawnie over a period of months and cannot express enough how grateful I am for her support and guidance. She balances absolute professionalism with liberal doses of empathy, compassion and appropriate humour, and for me in so doing built a great foundation of mutual trust and respect to support the work we did together. We’ve gone through some really difficult things that have been troubling me for a long time, and I can honestly say my life has changed for the better as a direct result of that. Thank you Dawnie!

Female, 40s

‘It’s been an amazing experience. Dawnie is very intuitive. Within the first sesssion she was able to see things about me I hadn’t noticed and bring them into my awareness in a very supportive way. It’s been just a few weeks and I can honestly say, I love myself a whole lot more. It’s amazing, the difference a therapuetic relationship can make.’

Male, 30s

‘I’m not kidding. Absolutely amazing. One session and I turned my life around.’

Male, 30s

‘Thank you, Little **** and I think you’re amazing and really appreciate that you helped us reconnect. I needed you to walk with me, to help me find my way in the dark. You saved me. All my love and respect forever.’

Female, 30s

‘Hi Dawnie! I just wanted to text you to say thank you so much for my session today. I am always so grateful for the work we do but I just wanted to say it feels so special to be able to speak to you because it really feels like you really understand me. Thank you for today. All my love!’

Female, 20s

‘Please accept this as a small token of my gratitude for all you have done and continue to do for me. Without your love, support and intervention I would not be here today.’

Female, 30s

‘Just a little note to say a massive and humble thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. You are a wonderful woman, you have taught me so much. You have taught me to be kind to myself and to start loving myself, which I think is key in leading a happy life. I can’t write in words how much you have done to support me and ‘Little me!’ Every week after seeing you I have felt a little stronger. You will be in my heart forever’.

Female, 20s

‘I would like to thank you for the immeasurable role you played in my healing, and most importantly, my spiritual growth. You truly are vibrantly beautiful in every sense and I am thankful every day for the journey I have been on in which you have travelled alongside me. With such love and thanks’.

Female, 20s


‘Tonight you read my deepest and darkest thoughts and didn’t flinch. Tonight you stood by my side as we stared at the horror. Tonight you looked right inside my pain and saw me as it was not thirty one years past. Tonight I felt seen. Tonight I felt heard. Tonight broke my heart with love and kindness. Tonight I feel blessed.’

Female, 40s 

‘Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all pf the help and support I have received from you throughout the year. You are such a wonderful person, and it has been a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you for truly listening to me, and empowering me to be myself. With love and gratitude.’

University student, 20s 

‘Thank you Dawnie for tonight. Your presence is so healing for me.’

Female, 40s 

‘When I first met Dawnie I was struggling with major social anxiety and persistent negative intrusive thoughts. I’d also recently been a victim of bullying in the work place. I felt like I had this backpack on my back majorly overloaded with all my issues and I just couldn’t carry it all anymore. Dawnie listened, she cared, she made me see things clearly and she helped me address everything. Dawnie has an amazing skill of putting you at ease, I felt safe enough to open up about everything and anything which I never have before. At the end of our sessions we recapped on what I’d said and what we’d covered since the start and it felt like we were talking about a different person. Not the strong person I feel today. I cannot recommend Dawnie enough, she is a ray of sunshine on the darkest day. I miss our sessions but I know I don’t need them anymore, she’s given me the skills and insight into managing life and what comes my way.’

Female, 40s 

‘It’s like I’ve had a spiritual awakening or something. I can’t believe I went from feeling so anxious and just awful to having so much peace. It’s incredible.’

Female Teacher, 40s 

‘After an eventful few years, I was becoming very anxious, and although my life was, “on paper,” going well, i did not feel I was in tandem with it. I am a strong person and previous counsellors had just said I was very in control and together and did not understand what I was searching for and needing, or simply acted as a quiet listener, but I needed more. Dawnie was the first counsellor I’d met who really understood me, my personality and what I needed. She has the perfect mix of empathy and intuition with the right mix of listening and providing intelligent, learned and academic insight. I am still using the tools she helped me find within myself and I feel much more at peace. Dawnie has helped me to see myself and restore my faith in others.’

Female GP, 40s 

‘You have helped me in these lasts months beyond measure and more than anyone else has in my whole life. I am eternally grateful.’

Male CEO, 40s

‘Dawnie gave me a space to listen to my thinking, and then my soul.  It was here I found my power to make decisions I had utter confidence in.  Before I started sessions with Dawnie I could not listen to or trust in my thoughts, so to then believe in myself was quite a step!  Dawnie provides a space with no judgement and complete acceptance. This environment helped me to see myself completely… including the bits I didn’t like much.  I began to listen to and accept me. From this, Love for myself began to grow. Thank you Dawnie.’

Female Therapist, 40s

I saw this a while ago and it really summed up how you made me feel. I wish I’d written it.

“When you met her, you had no idea. You couldn’t have imagined, what she had been through. But you created such a safe space for her, that she opened up to you. You made her feel seen, and heard. You showed her over and over, that you care. You are this constant force in her life. You are consistent; compassionate. Ever present; always there. She never would have made it without you. You got her through her darkest times. She will never forget what you’ve done for her; how you loved her, back to life.” – (source unknown)

Female, 40s

‘Coming for counselling was like coming towards the light. And then I found the light in me. I feel like my demons have been washed away and I am free.’

Female, 40s

‘Dawnie is how the rest of us wish we could be. Human minus the ********. Free of pretence and cynicism. A glorious mutation, evolution at its best.’

Female, 30s

‘Thank you so very much for your support. I have met you at just the right time in my life – you have given me the gift of insight that I didn’t know existed. I feel stronger than ever before.’

Female, 30s

‘Thank you for guiding me back to myself and helping me learn how to live with courage and calm and self-love. You are a very kind person – don’t change.’

Female Social Worker, 20s

‘Thank you for today. You’ve already had a profound effect on me, which never happens. In a world where everyone is trying to be different, you’re a definite one off. I’m excited as well as apprehensive about what we will cover and thank you, for your kind words. I don’t think I’m used to hearing things like that, or maybe i think i don’t deserve them, but, it did stir me, and I think it’s because you’re such a genuine person. I look forward to next session and thank you again.’

Male, 34 after his first session 

‘A couple of years ago when I was at my lowest I started seeing you. You helped me put my life into perspective. Thanks to your help my life has improved to such an extent why I no longer wait to Die but look forward to the future. I’m now financially secure, I’ve lost nearly 10 stone in weight and have booked my first holiday in over 10 years and I regularly donate to charity. It all started with your help so thank you very much’.

Male, 50s 

‘When I first came to Dawnie it was at a time in my life when I did not expect to need help. I was nearly 30, with a great job, a loving husband and a safe and comfortable living space. Despite these good things I was experiencing some of the most severe anxiety of my life and I didn’t understand why. It became increasingly harder to leave my home because I was so overwhelmed by travelling and crowded spaces. I felt trapped and my outlook on life became very bleak. Dawnie helped me understand the root causes of my issues. With Dawnie’s help I was able to acknowledge past traumas that I had never properly dealt with. It was hard to unearth difficult memories but the more I worked through them the less pressure and anxiety felt. The path of healing can be long but I know now that I am headed in the right direction thanks to the support and kindness I was provided. I feel truly humbled to have spent time with Dawnie as she is a beautiful, bright person and an incredible counsellor.’

Female, late 20s 

‘To Dawnie, Just a note to thank you for everything. You were my light in the dark. My guardian angel on earth. You are my inspiration and I will always be in wonder and light that I was lucky enough to meet you. I got into uni!’

Female, 21 (rape survivor) 

‘Dear Dawnie, thank you is so insufficient to describe my appreciation to whomever or whatever got us together. The light from a candle will only last the briefest time. However, the light you have brought into my life will last an eternity. Continue to shine your beautiful light Dawnie.’

Female, 45 

‘For a good few years I have suffered from anxiety and bouts of depression. These times were alien to my usual mindset and in truth I was a little lost with why they were happening and what to do to move past them. This is why I sought help. My visits to see Dawnie started with discussion into where my problems may be routed, she helped me to cut out the noise of uncertainty and gave me the focus to pinpoint areas of my life which I could actively work on, and also to recognise the negative habits in myself that I could overcome on my own with a more positive way of thinking. She speaks with emotion being prevalent in our conversations, yet with a learned authority that feels trustworthy and correct. I would also say that at times when I have been at real low points and have gone to see her, she has been my strongest advocate, she sees the good in people and translates that into sessions where I left feeling refreshed and very positive about the way forward. I have recently transitioned from regularly visiting her as I feel a lot more stable in my life, but I now view the counselling process as being more than a fix when there is no other alternative, in fact I view it as being something which I shall use occasionally as a preventative measure in the future. Kind of like getting a sports massage before a marathon. I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending Dawnie for the counselling process. Her calm disposition and gentle yet firm reassuring nature made me feel almost immediately welcome and safe in an environment that was new and a bit scary.’

Male Firefighter, 30s, 

‘Dawnie, I wanted to say thank you for the difference you have made to my life over the past year and a half. I came to you at the hardest time in my life when I felt so lost and ashamed of a lot of things I was feeling. You have helped me to feel proud of who I am and believe in myself. Your patience and kindness has been so much appreciated and although there will still be times when I find things hard to cope with, you have shown me I can be strong through anything. I will always be so grateful for the way you have listened without judgement. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways and you are the most honest, caring and authentic person I have met, which is why I was able to trust you from the beginning. I wish you every happiness in your own life and a future filled with all the lovely things you deserve. Thank you again for the immeasurable change you have made to my life and my emotional well-being. I will never forget it.’

Female, 36 

‘As a professional independent 49 year old lady I unexpectedly experienced a very dark time feeling anxious, stressed & depressed. I attended weekly therapy sessions with Dawnie who guided me through my darkness to allow me to understand my feelings & anxieties. With Dawnie support I have found my self esteem again and have a better understanding of who I am.I’m out of my dark place but my awareness and self preservation is wiser & much stronger. Counselling was an unknown to me but saved my sanity and gave me back my confidence to look forward to life and cherish every moment.’

Female, 49 

‘You’ve helped me get back on track with life and made me feel so much better about myself. I value my health a lot more – swimming three times a week and going on a couple of bike rides a day as well as starting an old passion of mine again –  taekwondo! I’ve had a wonderful commission which has been a great experience which has lead to more job opportunities! I eat a lot healthier and have lost a stone and a half over the past 6 weeks! I’m also more comfortable with myself and ended up being truthful with my partner about my feelings and its made us a lot closer and made me apreciate him a lot more. I’m so happy with everything in my life and honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am now without you and your help, I will never forget it.’

Female Artist, early 20s 

‘I went for counselling because my mind felt like a ball of wool that had got tangled up. I couldn’t sort it out myself and knew that I needed help and guidance to take it apart and untangle it. I’d had counselling before through my GP and many years before through work. The recurring theme however was always that I could have 6-8 sessions. Every time I was aware that I had to “get better” in that time frame and yes I always felt better after a few weeks but the issues were never fully resolved. This time I was determined not to have any constraints on the number of sessions I needed. It was going to be my decision and I believe that is one of the reasons I feel in a totally different place today. Dawnie has helped me in so many different ways to sort out that tangled mess in my head and that, at times, was ruining my life. Through her guidance I have been able to come to terms with my past, realise that not everything that has gone wrong has been my fault and to look forward to the future. I will always be a “worrier” but I now feel calmer and able to think clearer in situations that may in the past have made me panic. I have recognised that somewhere inside me is a strong person and that I can cope. I have accepted that there are things that have happened in the past that I cannot change and that is fine. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, understanding and care through my 3 year journey. It has made such a difference to my life. I will always remember these times. ‘Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for helping me find ‘me’. With love and all good wishes for your dreams and future.’

Female, 50s

‘Thank you for taking me to the place emotionally that finally allowed me to have a child and helped the three of us become a family.’

Female 40s 

‘I want to say thank you so much for all of your amazing time and efforts spent in understanding and helping me through some of the toughest and darkest times. You are an amazing person and counsellor and after many sessions felt like a friend. Your words, comfort and knowledge really did help me from a spiralling scary plummet of depression and anxiety to the climb back to freedom and self-care and understanding of how just to be me! You helped me see and realise things I didn’t even notice myself. I wish you all the very best in life as you deserve it. I will always keep you in mind for any future set backs and will carry you in my thoughts and heart on my darkest of days. They still do emerge from time to time but with the knowledge I gained from you – I bounce back!! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas and new year. I am excited for a new year! Thank you for the laughs, even when I cried! 🙂 ‘

Female, 20s

‘I sought counselling because I found myself in the middle of a prolonged period of feeling undervalued at work, and even more specifically, feeling like what I had to say was not important to those I work with. I was having feelings of being silenced at work which really compromised my voice. I was also in the middle of a period in my relationship where I felt that my partner was always nagging me and treating me unfairly. Counselling was a good way for me to come to terms with these feelings and get to grips with how to process them. In the simplest sense, just having someone other than a close friend or loved one to talk about these feelings really helped me. But I have to say I really liked the emphasis that Dawnie placed on body awareness and breathing for coming to terms with my feelings of self-dissatisfaction. Through a focus on the body (my body) an awareness of all the seemingly unrelated pangs, twangs, sensations, movements and the like really seemed to make a difference to me. Listening to the guttural, the palpitation, and the nerves provide a huge amount of information to me for thinking about whatever my situation might be. I really enjoyed this part of the process. I feel much more attuned to my body now and how it relates to my mental acuity. Dawnie showed me a really interesting way of thinking about my day to day experience.’

Male, 40s

‘Thank you for all of the help and support you have given me over the past year. It has truly changed my life for ever! You have shown me the meaning of ‘Shine bright like a diamond’. Thank you.’

Becky, age 24

‘I first came to Dawnie in October 2015, after having crippling anxiety attacks, intrusive images and constant low mood as a result of a traumatic experience. Immediately, I felt safe comfortable and able to express everything I felt under her care. Day to day life was becoming increasingly difficult, and after I discovered my problems were due to an onset of OCD disorder, me and Dawnie tackled the issues I was facing week to week, at my pace, whatever felt best for me. It was a great relief to finally share my problem with someone who genuinely cared, and acted as a saviour in such a dire time. With a mixture of verbal counselling and breathing exercises, which included methods to manipulate or control your breathing to help bodily functions, within months I was beginning to feel positive affects of my work, back to feeling myself again. During a time when I thought I would be ‘stuck this way forever’ or ‘doomed’ Dawnie reassured me and kept the upmost confidence in me every step of the way. Whatever your issue I believe she will be the best solution, for the most worrying problem or traumatic event, Dawnie will be able to help you no matter what the issue, and her clients who’s lives have dramatically improved are a testament to this statement. After my work with Dawnie, I can confidently say I am back to how I was before my trouble began, and will remember all of the advice and techniques for breath perception I have learned from her throughout my life, and will help me for future stressful or difficult events. Do not hesitate to seek help quickly, your darkest times are merely temporary and such a small part of your huge life, and will make you ready to cope with any future hurdles. I would particularly recommend breath perception offered by Dawnie to anxiety sufferers of any form, it dramatically improved my day to day life and made my OCD irrelevant when I chose. Good luck and never give up.’

Male, 16

‘Hello Dawnie! I hope your are well and your 2016 has been lovely for you so far. I guess i’m emailing you because I am about to move to Falmouth in Cornwall for university to study textiles! Not sure if we talked about that or not. And mostly to say thank you for helping me through a bit of a rough patch in my life so far and helping me come out as a better and happier person. I really feel like you found my confidence and love and helped it come out! You are a wonderful and beautiful person and I am really happy that I got to spend time with you and be influenced by your good nature. Thanks again Dawnie.’

Female, age 18 (15-16 at the time of counselling)

‘I was upset and needed someone to talk to who wasn’t going to judge me. I was always upset and dwelling on the past. I feel I have accepted the past and am moving on and becoming more aware of how I need to act and talk to people so everyone is happy including me’.

Female client, age 14

‘I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help during my difficult time. You have given me support I will never forget. I am confident in saying I’m leaving you in a much better state than when I began.’
Male, age 15

‘After suffering a bereavement in the family and changes to the dynamics there I was feeling low. Also I had started to self harm and it was starting to impact on some of my relationships. The service I received was very good, I was offered a space away from all the pressure of pleasing people and feeling concerned for others. I was able to voice my thoughts without feeling like I was hurting anyone. It was really good to have someone who wasn’t connected to the situations listen to me and I felt understood. I am able to feel like I have the control and ability to change things in my life. Not so lost in my own head so I have the tools to improve things.’
Female, age 30

‘After an abrupt end to a 14 year relationship – I found myself in a state of shock and blamed myself for the relationship ending. I had no idea my partner was intending to end the relationship. One minute I was writing a shopping list and the next I was being asked to leave and packing a suitcase. Soon after leaving I found he had another woman staying at the house. I was in a very dark place emotionally and not sure how to deal with the situation. Dawnie came recommended and it was so easy talking to her she allowed me to download my thoughts and help me realise I was not to blame. This was an invaluable experience to me. Having someone to listen and help me accept what had happened and see the relationship for what it really was. Helping me understand and realise my worth as a person. I have found myself again. I can now be happy and contented and at ease with myself. I find myself singing and dancing round the bedroom. Whatever the future holds I know it will by my choice as I am now strong enough to be the real me. I feel like I have been given a new set of wings and can fly like a bird in the sky. Before going to see Dawnie I walked around with my head down and not wanting to face the world.’
Female client, 60s

‘I cannot put into words how much your support has helped me to get through this year, as well as making me accept myself for who I am, and to see the beauty in that. Despite the recent set backs, I can confidently say that I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. I have the confidence to go out into the world in the knowledge that it’s ok to be me. You are a very special person, and I feel honoured and incredibly lucky to have been able to share some time with you.’

(Nine months after counselling ended) ‘I have strength, courage and peace in my life, and you have played a vital role in that. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone, and I am not afraid to be me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.’

Student of Durham University, age 21

‘I came for counselling because I had just broken up with my boyfriend and my closest friend had fallen out with me, I was cutting myself and nearly committed suicide. Dawnie is a good listener and also very kind. My quality of life has been impacted in that I am now a lot more confident in myself and a lot happier in general. I found ways to make new friends and got over the breakup and loss of friends.’

Female, age 17

‘After a long term relationship ended I spent three years trying to rebuild my life and create a better future. However despite trying to do this many things were impacting on my well-being which restricted me in achieving this goal. One minute I was up and the next I was down and all I wanted was to be on a level. People around were being affected and I knew I needed help for a long time before I finally made the decision to get some support. I had carried too much guilt and hurt from past experiences and knew I need to rid them if I wanted to move on with my life. The service received was exceptional; all my fears about receiving counselling were put at ease by the professional personal service provided. Every session was received provided a platform to rebuild which was expertly facilitated by Dawnie. Her approach is very calming providing a space where you feel comfortable to address your fears and dreams and develop a strategy for achieving them. The impact on my life has been nothing short of phenomenal in every sense. In my professional career I have gone to deliver a successful global project which spans Africa, China, Colombia and Europe. I have become once more a rock for my daughter and found love which I never thought I’d deserve. Most of all I have found and calmness and happiness in myself to achieve things which I thought I never could. I now look forward instead of back and know that I am on a path to happiness and stability, none of which I could of achieved without the help and support of Dawne. Dawnie is an excellent professional who works with you to achieve what you want to achieve. I have nothing but gratitude for the impact she has had on my life.’

Male, 30s

‘I came to counselling because I was experiencing emotional difficulty through a negative situation at work (being bullied & intimated by my line manager). My confidence & self-esteem was very low & this was leading to anxiety whilst I was at work as well as being at home. Dawnie is easy to talk to & has made me feel so much better in myself & helped me understand my emotions & behaviour fully. I am a much happier person and feel I am back in control of my life again. As a result, my personal life, relationships & work life have improved as I am able to manage difficult situations with patience in a controlled calm manner.’

Female, 40s

‘I started going to counselling because I felt like I had lost my way, and was in desperate need of guidance and comfort. I was at a confused point in my life and didn’t realise getting counselling would be the right option at the time. Honestly, absolutely incredible. It was so amazing to have a person to take time to listen and understand me in my time of trouble as well as help me out of that phase in my life. Without a doubt, life changing. I am more confident in my self and have less doubt in my abilities. I am now much happier and healthier’.

Female, age 15

‘I came to counselling because of frustrations at work mainly where I did not feel appreciated and on occasion I would shout first and think afterwards. This hampered my career and my personal life and I used to get angry all the time. This was my first time at counselling and I feel that the service I got was second to none. Dawnie has a way of putting you at ease and I felt like I could talk to her as if I had known her for many years. Never once did I feel I feel uneasy or being directed down a path I did not want to go. As time went by I looked forward recommend Dawnie without reservation. My quality of life has improved dramatically since my counselling. Life’s little hurdles that would have derailed me in the past are now dealt with without a seconds thought. I feel much happier in my own skin and can look at the glass definitely half full. There are still challenges to deal with every day but I feel much more equipped to take most anything on without stress or worry. All in all I am a happier person.’

Male client, 40s

After struggling for three years to conceive which included various infertility treatments, I became extremely down and completely exhausted by the whole process. In addition to this, my husband and I were experiencing difficulties stemming from my relationship with his daughter (from a previous marriage) and the complications and upset this was causing. Having been absent from work for some time due to stress from the above, my employer referred me to Dawnie for help. I felt immediately at ease with Dawnie from our first phone call and I was keen to meet her. She made me feel safe in the environment we were in and assured that what we discussed was completely confidential. Dawnie listened to me without interrupting, without opinion and without judgement. She helped me off load the problems clashing around in my mind and helped me consider them individually which in turn allowed me to consider them as smaller entities which was a lot less daunting.After each session I felt more in control of my life and able to see more clearly. Dawnie has an extremely calming presence and her non judgemental approach made it feel safe confiding in her. I will always be grateful to Dawnie for helping me through a very difficult time and for helping me recognise qualities in myself and that I was actually a good person. I feel more happy, confident, in control and calmer than ever before. Its like I am looking at the world through a new pair of eyes!

Female client, 30s

‘I wasn’t sure about going for counselling but after the session I knew it was the very best thing for me. The service I received was first class and Dawnie made it very easy for me to express myself. I had problems with my father for years. He was verbally abusive to me, my mam, sister, even belittling his own grand children. This had made the last 10 years very hard. I can only say that counselling has really improved my quality of life and I would recommend it to anyone having problems’.

Male client, 50s

‘Living with HIV, there’s a lack of people you can trust. Since the government came in and Bedroom Tax, I have had no one to help with stuff to do with housing at my local council and it’s been eating me away inside. Anxiety. Depression. Feeling isolated. The doctors give you tablets as if it’s a bad back but it’s more than that. To feel ‘safe’. To know that someone really cares and to be able to talk and bounce things off someone you can trust, who is not judging. It’s what I’ve needed all along. I got a lot off my chest. Being able to have emotional and practical help and advice. Sometimes it’s just the simple things but the simple things get too much when you’re living with HIV and how it impacts your life.’

Male client, 40s living with HIV

‘I didn’t think therapy would work at all but it really does. I feel comfortable to say things I wouldn’t say anywhere else and Dawnie asks me questions which really help me think about and understand myself and who I am. Sometimes I come and I don’t know what to say, then Dawnie asks me questions and it’s like something that was waiting there in the back of my mind comes out and I talk about it then it goes. I have learned how important it is to express my anger and I know my future will be much better because I have experienced counselling.’

Male, late teens

‘I sought help because I felt I had lost self confidence and had negative thoughts about my life. I was very unhappy and had no sense of self worth. Dawnie made me feel relaxed and at ease and I was therefore able to open up to her and talk freely from day 1. She helped me look at life, past and present, from a different perspective. I feel I have been given permission to feel miserable at times without feeling guilty. I now know I do matter and have a more positive outlook on life in general. I was very satisfied with the service provided as it has enriched my life’.

Female, 60s

‘It’s been inspirational. I didn’t think counselling would be like that but it has. I’ve found myself’.

Female, early 20s

‘Before Counselling I couldn’t see a future. Now, I am whole and looking forward to talking to my partner about the important things in life, things we’ve never spoken about.’

Female, 50s

‘Thank you so much for helping me to believe in myself again!’

Female with history of bullying, age 21

‘The reason i came to counselling was anxiety as a result of 6 months of mystery illness. Not knowing what was wrong caused huge anxieties, worrying that I was simply going to die. Not only was the uncertainty an awful thing to have on my mind for so long while I had to continue preparing for my GCSE exams but after being rushed into A and E by ambulance several times, I was taken into hospital where I stayed for a week. After I came out I only had two weeks until the start of my exams therefore I had not revised enough (causing more anxiety) but also I just wanted a normal life getting used to my diagnosis (ulcerative colitis). Talking about everything that has happened this year and knowing that Dawnie understood what I had been through really helped me to understand and analyse the emotions I was experiencing. Being able to be honest about how I truly thought I was going to die enabled me to realise that my emotions weren’t irrational. With Dawnie’s support i realised that it was okay to be affected by what I had gone through and she helped me realised that what I had been through this year has shaped who I am today. My feelings of anxiety decreased a lot while I was having counselling with Dawnie, and since, I have almost completely overcome my anxiety with the help of Dawnie’s techniques and the way she advised me to think but also breathe. With her guidance, I have become a more empathetic and compassionate person and instead of being affected badly by my experience she has helped me to instead gain from my situation and become a wiser person and view my experience from a more positive angle.’

Female, age 16

‘Truly wonderful, you really helped me identify when I was spiralling, how things in my past were still affecting me, how to put my life into perspective, and to identify the things that I am truly good at. Very helpful, never judgemental, and I felt it was a process that we went through together, not simply you telling me how to get better. A true learning exercise. My quality of life is so much better, I worry far less about insignificant things, I am able to identify when I start to panic, and I am getting better at being able to strategize for it. I am able to see my faults, but deal with them instead of worry about them’.

Male, mid 20s

‘I was having serious emotional breakdowns due to stress and anxiety. I began to fall out with my friends and upset my family members. The stress and anxiety increased to a level where I began to self-harm and I even considered taking my own life. Eventually I reached out for help and my Mother sought out to bring me to counselling. I was very happy with the service. As the sessions progressed I found that my problems were gradually disappearing thanks to the techniques and advice given to me. I have a new found zest for life again and I haven’t had a single breakdown since I began counselling. The things that used to worry me before have stopped bothering me as much and my confidence has vastly improved. I am also getting on better with my friends and family and I am much happier with my life. Words can’t describe how much confidence I have now and that’s thanks to you. I can never forget you. Thank you so much’.

Female, age 14

‘Before Counselling I was feeling really bad about myself.  Now, I understand myself more and feel lots better.  I have made friends and been able to go to places where there are lots of people and feel more comfortable. The relaxation CD was really good.  It helped me calm down, relax and sleep. You have helped so much.’  

Male, age 13

‘Working with Dawnie I felt accepted and safe to express feelings that felt overwhelming. Now I understand that difficult feelings will come but they will pass and they are not all of me. I learned to accept myself for who I am and found my path in life.’

Female, 50s

‘Counselling was not easy but the questions Dawnie asked helped me to understand myself, my experience and the reasons why my situation had developed as it had. The morning after my first session I woke up and knew for the first time ‘none of this was my fault’. Dawnie gave me back ownership of my own feelings. Her help to me was massive… professional, sympathetic and self enlightening.’

Female, late 50s

‘Thank you Dawnie for your wonderful training on Breath Perception. I left feeling calmer and much more in control of my life. Your Authenticity shines through and has been very inspirational to witness. You have taught me a lot, not only about Breath Perception but about myself as a person and counsellor. Thank you so much!’ Female, 20s

‘I can’t believe I have been alive for 31 years and never known I can feel this way. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life’.

Client with recent Cancer diagnosis, 30s

‘That was really good. I have not felt that relaxed for years.’

‘That was really enjoyable. I did not think that changing the way I breathe would have such an effect.’ ‘I think my body must have forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.’ ‘During the session I became really hot and it was like I could feel all the tension/pain in my body leaving through my feet, my hands and my face, I didn’t feel drained but it was like my body just suddenly remembered what it felt like to be relaxed. You could of cooked an egg on me.’ ‘I have not slept this well in ages.’ ‘I felt really good the next day.’ ‘I use the techniques to clear my mind of all the noise and I sleep better.’ ‘I was feeling very overwhelmed with things going on in my life, but by using the techniques I was able to control the feelings of extreme anxiety and calm myself down, it felt great that it did not escalate.’ Attendees of a one-day workshop organised by Darlington Association on Disability

‘When I’ve been at the strongest point of my anger and the lowest point of hurt/pain – those nights, I’ve had 5 minutes when I went to bed to do the breathing and listened to your voice and it calmed me down, relaxed me so I could sleep.’

Client living with chronic pain

‘I first came to Dawnie in October 2015, after having crippling anxiety attacks, intrusive images and constant low mood as a result of a traumatic experience. Immediately, I felt safe comfortable and able to express everything I felt under her care. Day to day life was becoming increasingly difficult, and after I discovered my problems were due to an onset of OCD disorder, me and Dawnie tackled the issues I was facing week to week, at my pace, whatever felt best for me. It was a great relief to finally share my problem with someone who genuinely cared, and acted as a saviour in such a dire time. With a mixture of verbal counselling and breathing exercises, which included methods to manipulate or control your breathing to help bodily functions, within months I was beginning to feel positive affects of my work, back to feeling myself again. During a time when I thought I would be ‘stuck this way forever’ or ‘doomed’ Dawnie reassured me and kept the upmost confidence in me every step of the way. Whatever your issue I believe she will be the best solution, for the most worrying problem or traumatic event, Dawnie will be able to help you no matter what the issue, and her clients who’s lives have dramatically improved are a testament to this statement. After my work with Dawnie, I can confidently say I am back to how I was before my trouble began, and will remember all of the advice and techniques for breath perception I have learned from her throughout my life, and will help me for future stressful or difficult events. Do not hesitate to seek help quickly, your darkest times are merely temporary and such a small part of your huge life, and will make you ready to cope with any future hurdles. I would particularly recommend breath perception offered by Dawnie to anxiety sufferers of any form, it dramatically improved my day to day life and made my OCD irrelevant when I chose. Good luck and never give up.’

Josh, 16

‘I have had blood pressure problems for years and despite medication was always on the high side (130 to 135). This time it was 117 – 78. Since doing the session with you my blood pressure has returned the best results in fifteen years plus I find my asthma is easier to manage. I have also noticed that I feel a lot calmer with my sleep pattern improving. For ten years I have managed on four to five hours sleep, now I am using the alarm to wake me as I am doing that magical eight hours again.’

Client with history of sleep & blood pressure difficulties workshop participant, 20s

‘I personally find it difficult to relax and so the session was a great help to me.  I like the fact that I was able to take away with me a coping strategy which I could tap into whenever I wanted. I found it very rewarding to see a group of carers supporting each other and able to enjoy some time for themselves. I think the carers have gained a useful tool which would help them to relax. Our feedback told us that they thoroughly enjoyed the session, would love to do it again and felt that you were a powerful but gentle presence. They felt they were going home a calmer person.’ Staff member, Darlington Association of Disability

‘The Breath Perception workshop was incredibly worthwhile. Dawnie explained the technique perfectly. I never had felt comfortable monitoring/changing my breathing rate before but how Breath Perception was done felt very natural. The emphasis on the natural greatly helped. I also liked that despite the workshop being with several others, you felt able to do what was needed for you and talk freely. This experience has greatly improved my quality of life. I began to use Breath Perception in moments of intense anxiety, as well as in moments of slighter worry. This always brings me back to reality and to calmness. The power of the service is incredible and something I would highly recommend anyone who has felt any level of anxiety to try.’

University student, 20s

‘Thank you for what you have done with my daughter. She is coping much better with the techniques you taught her and is so happy that the pain in her chest has disappeared. We have been so worried about her. It is so good to have our happy, bright, lovable daughter back. Thank you.’

Mother of workshop participant

‘Thanks so much again for the workshop. I took away the fundamental realisation that the breath is a really powerful tool to combat anxiety, and it also really helped to be in a room with other people experiencing similar issues- I learnt that I’m not alone and whilst my experience is individual and personal I’m not experiencing anything that other people can’t empathise with. It was also really nice to consider my sensitivity to particular situations in a positive light. Remember how I mentioned a persistent tightness in my chest? well that has almost completely gone, and I feel much more able to breathe which is absolutely brilliant. I find myself mentally checking in with myself on a regular basis now to make sure I’m breathing properly and I’m astounded by how much calmer I am. I’ve also found the ‘chi’ exercise very useful. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and useful experience and I’d like to broaden and deepen my understanding of breathing techniques in the future, so please keep in touch!’

Workshop participant and the daughter of the mother speaking in the feedback above (Phd student, early 20s)

‘The breathing is really remarkable’.

Female hospice worker 

‘Breath Perception has made it a lot easier to cope with the pain caused by my hypermobility and it’s easier to sleep at night. There’s been times when, because of my age I’ve been scared for no reason and it’s helped me to deal with that. And, hormones too… stopping myself from being weepy or ecstatic when I don’t need to be and with anger. It’s helped with anger. Overall, it’s helped me feel a lot better about myself’. 

Female client, age 13 living with hypermobility & chronic pain

‘Breath perception has changed my life. I was having really bad panic attacks that were making my life a misery and also a few mental welfare issues such as depression. Over a period of time using the techniques my panic attacks stopped. My asthma is loads better and it’s helped me take personal control of situations in which I previously felt powerless. Being able to do this using something as simple as breathing is amazing. I no longer feel that breathing is something that just happens but something I can focus on positively.’ 

Female client, 40s

‘It helps me manage bowel and period cramps which have been an ongoing problem in my life and I’ve also returned to driving after 30 years of avoiding it due to anxiety. I have used Breath Perception to control and manage my anxiety when I’m in the car, and can actually drive 15 miles to work and back now!’

Psychotherapist, 50s

‘When I came I had breathing issues – raspy, shortness of breath. I was unable to relax. Breathing felt heavy. Now, I can do my breathing before bed. It helps me relax and get to sleep, rather than stressing over the next day, which has given me a better quality of life. The breathing has given me some control back, so I feel calmer. It’s helping me with changes by giving me the time and a place in which to concentrate on my breathing and throw everything else out – which is hard in normal life’.

Male client, 40s living with HIV 

‘I managed to pull myself out of a depression faster than ever before and I can turn my pain down from 8 to 4.’

Female client, 60s living with chronic pain


Psychiatrist, Durham University Young Peoples’ Mental Health Conference

‘When the doctor recommended I come to you for breathing I thought, ‘what is breathing going to do for me? I already breathe’. People don’t know there’s an alternative way of breathing. It gets really deep in your organs and in a short space of time they feel nourished. It’s helped me go from 20 cigarettes a day to 6 and then to give up completely. It’s been a really different kind of experience in a good way and I’m going to use it for the rest of my life’.

Male patient, late 50s living with chronic pain

‘This workshop felt like having an internal massage. My painful back has disappeared. I went into a state of relaxation I have never experienced before in my life.’

BACP – Association of University & College Counsellors Annual Conference

‘I feel a peace in myself I haven’t felt in years. My headache has gone. My neck doesn’t hurt anymore. My body feels completely different. I don’t feel dizzy and I feel happier.’

Female client, 60s with Parkinsons Disease

‘It has been amazing. I was able to feel sensation in parts of my body that usually have no sensation. It has helped when I am anxious, nervous and angry. It really calms me down. It’s made me more confident in myself. I feel I have learned how to explain myself better. It just gives you a feeling of calm inside. Everything feels calm. My exhaustion level was 10 out of 10 at the start of today’s session and now it is 3.’

Female client, 40s living with Fibromyalgia

‘So far (after 3 days) breathing has reduced pain of my mouth ulcers and stopped a palpitation in one deep breath. I am a mother of young children and sometimes it is very hard to get a break.  Breath Perception® helps you have time out, when time out isn’t possible’. Stay at home mum

‘Breath Perception is really useful for a range of clients – very useful for high levels of distress.’ Hospice counsellor

‘I have osteoarthritis which causes chronic pain in my shoulder, knee and previously my legs and other shoulder until it was replaced. I also have chronic bronchitis which effects my breathing and mobility. Alongside taking painkillers I use Breath Perception. It helps to relax the areas where I have pain and also loosens my chest up. If I didn’t know about Breath Perception I wouldn’t know how to help myself with my pain and my breathing. It makes me more relaxed and helps me sleep when I have problems in the night’.

Client with COPD, arthritis & chronic pain

‘It’s good with people with COPD or with people getting into a state of anxiety.I use it to bring anxiety down.’

Hospice Therapy Assistant

‘I came to today’s session after a night shift, feeling exhausted. After learning the technique I felt energised and completely different. I have used it over the past few weeks and I find it works much faster than the self-hypnosis I have been practicing for a while now. Powerful’.

Paramedic, 30s

‘A constant twitching of the left side of my face, that made me extremely self conscious, shattering my self confidence brought me to Breath Perception. Breath Perception nudged me in the right direction such that my own brain is now healing myself.’

Male client, 40s with self – esteem difficulties

‘Before I came to the workshop my health was affected by post-operative pain in my head, neck, shoulders and back and I was also suffering from IBS (both diet and stress related).  After learning the technique and doing it every day I have only taken one half dose of my IBS meds due to something I ate!  I do it in the morning and I feel like it prepares me for the day.’

Counsellor with a history of IBS & cancer

‘Dawnie delivered this with such gentle intention and her respect for everyone in the workshop was very evident. A very enabling presenter.’

Durham Uni. Young People’s Mental Health Conference

‘I feel more centred and can share many aspects of it with clients, ranging from exam/work stress to PTSD’.

BACP Counselling Children & Young Peoples’ Annual Conference on Risk

‘Dawnie is warm, patient and I instantly felt comfortable in her presence. My Reiki session with her was transformational, my whole body, as a result, felt rejuvenated, more than what I was expecting. I would highly recommend her Reiki services to anyone.’ – Female, age 26

‘Thank you Dawnie, for such an enlightening weekend and giving me that missing piece of the jigsaw that I have been searching for in my 52years.’ – Nurse Practitioner

‘It has been incredible. A genuinely life changing experience in the best possible way. I feel more myself, connected and ‘right’ than ever. I have enjoyed the mixture of discussion, explanation, practice and development in such a kind, nurturing and safe environment. I am taking away a great sense of wellbeing, love and hope.’ – Youth Development Worker, 20s  

‘I understand my needs better so I know how to nurture myself and I can tune into other people better, to patients and families and to know what they need. Attunement. It is that. I can get off the treadmill and slow the treadmill down. It’s a calmness.’ – Family Support Worker, Hospice  

‘It’s become part of a range of self-care techniques I use. I sometimes sleep badly due to menopausal night sweats and I think Reiki has helped. Even if I can’t get back to sleep it helps soothe me. Overall it has been transformative. I feel I now embody an air of calm and am better able to offer the core conditions to clients with full authenticity. It transcends every day concerns and I feel I carry with me tools to help myself and others that I can use in all kinds of situations.  I feel like my emotional shoulders are broader. It leaves you in tact, helps you look after yourself. I feel like I can give more and not be diminished by it. I can give more and then be ready for the next person. You’ve got more capacity. I feel like I’ve got more there. The well is a bit deeper. It means you can go home feeing less drained, safe. I’ve been following my instincts. I feel able to do just what seems right. The more I do it the easier it seems. Giving yourself permission to come back to ourselves and get on with the other bits of our lives.  It really fits in with self-acceptance. Self-healing to me connects with that.  The Reiki has put a full stop to that self-acceptance. When people are struggling. There are a few parts from my past that can make me feel vulnerable and it’s like I can soothe myself. It’s helpful in really profound ways.’ – Hospice Counsellor 

‘I’ve always been a pragmatist and never thought of myself having a spiritual side. It gives your peace of mind.  I’m starting to get really chilled out.  Peace of mind, the most valuable thing on earth. You’re always gonna have difficult things in life but if you can have a peaceful mind then you’re gonna’ be alright.’ – Retired Nurse, hospice volunteer

‘A powerful, profound and life changing experience. For fellow counsellors this course has had a direct impact on my capacity to offer the core conditions both to myself and my clients in ways that are beyond words and that are powerfully transformative. I have already experienced an increase and change in the love and acceptance I can offer myself and clients I work with. I am able to access my inner life more readily (less “clunky”) to help myself sense how I am feeling’. – Hospice Counsellor

‘I felt anxious before starting the course. But I feel as if a great weight of worry has been lifted from me. I feel relaxed, calm and more confident. I have realised how important self-care is and how this can impact on other people. I have really enjoyed the course’ – Hospice Worker

‘As a therapist, I feel more able to be in the present with clients. For myself, I feel I can start to feel love for myself which I have never felt before’.  – Hospice Counsellor

‘I feel more aware of my own inner person, recognising and feeling things I’ve never felt or noticed before. I feel a confidence I didn’t know I had and so full of life. Dawnie paced the course was perfectly and allowed us to express ourselves, adapting the course for our needs. I feel calmer and more relaxed with a new awareness of myself and an understanding of self-care, how to look after myself’. – Family Support Worker, hospice

‘This training has opened my mind to a new level. I feel like there is a whole new world for me to experience. For anyone thinking of engaging in Reiki, please do. It is an amazing feeling’. – Hospice worker

‘I came to Reiki due to my wish to contribute to the wider world in a healing way. I have gained a sense of groundedness, how to work with myself to supports others and the permission to slow, pause, feel love. The teaching was gently led in a paced way allowing us both to talk about what we needed to. Reiki offers the chance to pause and remember the greater universal connection and gift of love.’ – Female Counsellor & Psychotherapist, 50s

‘A fantastic experience. The pace flowed and was very relaxed, yet efficient. It’s been a wonderful way for me to kick start getting to know me and also being able to help my family and friends along the way.’ – Female, 20s

‘Learning Reiki has made me in tune with who I really am. I feel I have grown in many ways, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learning Reiki over two days was a perfect way to learn – it was not hurried or rushed, just the right balance. Dawnie gently guided us through through the whole weekend. I had surgery only two weeks ago on my abdomen and on completing the weekend I found my pain has diminished and I feel so full of energy’. – Female, 40s

‘Reiki has made me feel calm and relaxed. The teaching was excellent and I am grateful for the encouragement I received at difficult times’. – Male, 60s

‘Through learning Reiki I feel I got some tools to help others and myself be happier, healthier, more positive and open. The Reiki teaching was very loving, patient and encouraging’. – Female, 60s

‘This has been a really special weekend. I have loved being with you and **** and am leaving feeling completely at ease with myself. You have helped me to see that I am precious in my own right and that I need to give myself the love I am so good at giving to others. I feel like I have a sort of secret in my heart and soul now. I can see that I have much joy in my life and I am excited for the future. My reason for learning Reiki was to help my special boy (son). He has Autism and has ‘closed down’ rather than face his life. My first session with him left him gentle and relaxed. He slept all night for the first time in ages, without medication’. – Special Needs Teacher, 50s

‘Reiki is a fantastic way to take some time out and get back in touch with yourself. Dawnie’s enthusiasm for teaching is inspiring’.  – Lawyer, 30s

‘The things that usually make me angry don’t since I learned Reiki. I am more relaxed and calmer.’  – Social Worker

‘Reiki has changed the way I understand myself and how I take care of myself. It’s like having a friend inside.’ – Graphic Designer, 30s

‘My pain goes from 8 down to 4. This gives me a lot of relief and improves my quality of life.’ – Female, 60s living with chronic pain

‘I felt so relaxed and went home as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I had the best nights sleep in over five years since my condition started and when I woke up my mind was no where near as busy.’ – Client living with a chronic illness

‘I have slept well every night since my last Reiki session…that has to be a record…’ – Female, late 30s

‘I really enjoyed the session and felt much more relaxed after it.’ – Male, late teens with self-esteem difficulties

‘I feel the treatment has shifted things around. Something in my throat has cleared. I felt energised, like I wanted to go for a run. My body felt bouncy which it hasn’t for a very long time’.- Counsellor & Psychotherapist

‘I haven’t felt this comfortable in a very long time. I had a headache for weeks and now it has gone. And I slept all night, awaking feeling like my well being was greatly improved’. – Client, 60s

‘With Reiki I can relax. When I wake up in the night in pain, instead of taking sleeping tablets, I give myself Reiki. It helps me fall back to sleep again.’ – Client, 60s

‘Your touch and empathy are a gift. The pain I had been feeling in my body quickly left me and I experienced a sense of wellbeing that stayed with me for days.’ – Client living with anxiety

‘For the first three nights after receiving Reiki, she was asleep by 8:30. It usually takes until 11 o’clock’.’ – Parent of a 10 year old client