Why Come for Counselling?

Imagine if you had within you the Power to heal thoughts, feelings and behaviours that rob your quality of life and stop you living to your potential. Instead of feeling disempowered and less happy than you long to be, you would be free to lead a love-filled, purposeful and connected life. Importantly, you would love yourself. 

This Power is your Authentic Self, your Soul.

We are each born with a uniqueness that can’t be replicated, a light only we can shine. These are our innate gifts, given by creation or nature’s design. If we can listen to and hear our gifts, they will guide us to fulfillment by showing us that being who we really are, IS the path to health and happiness.

From before we can speak we are unconsciously conditioned by the outside world to believe there is an acceptable way of being. We learn to edit our self-expression and develop patterns of thinking and behaving that keep us safe and interrupt our emotional lives. We take on board the values of society, and make decisions based on what we believe others think, instead of what is meaningful to us. We are unwittingly discouraged from loving ourselves and slowly but surely we lose contact with our intuition.

We live in our busy rational minds and the feelings we have been unable to express are stored within our bodies as emotional pain. Guilt, shame, sadness, anxiety and anger, hidden beneath which lies Joy! Our inner critic rejoices, comparing us to others, demanding perfection and concluding that who we are is not enough.

How Does Counselling Work?

Counselling provides a safe space where transformation and healing can occur. We learn how to safely welcome and express the emotions we fear and return home to our true selves. We learn to integrate the wisdom of life’s lessons and see beyond the illusion of our conditioned self. We re-discover our innate potential and through this we find the Freedom to Thrive. We learn to love life by living from the heart and practicing forgiveness. We learn to love ourselves and as we do so, our way of being and interacting causes the world around us to transform.

What are the Benefits?

  • reduced stress & anxiety
  • enhanced peace of mind
  • a more comfortable relationship with yourself
  • increased self-confidence & self-esteem
  • assertiveness
  • improved relationships
  • self-awareness & self-acceptance
  • freedom from the past
  • improved well being
  • the power to participate more fully in life
  • trust in your own your thoughts & feelings
  • awareness of your hopes & dreams

What is My Approach?

I am trained in a variety of humanistic approaches, all of which rest on the belief that growth and healing are possible, given the appropriate conditions.

Where appropriate to your wish and need I integrate the creative approach, Gestalt Therapy. Meaning ‘whole’, this awareness-based approach enables you to connect with the resources of your mind, body and who you are so that you can experience your capacity to assert yourself and live to your full potential.

An interest in Neuroscience (the science of the nervous system) and  specialist training in Mindfulness practices endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Mental Health Foundation in the treatment of difficulties associated with stress and anxiety, also inform my practice.

Where appropriate to your wish and need I integrate these practices in our work together, also incorporating creativity and the uniquely gentle approach to supporting emotional resilience, relaxation and stress reduction Breath Perception®.

I am a skilled, intuitive therapist who takes seriously the responsibility of working on myself daily, as a foundation for working with you.

Make an Appointment

For more information or to make an appointment please get in touch. Apprehension is a natural part of seek a counsellor you can trust. I will greet you with respect, kindness and genuine care.