Why come for counselling?

Counselling is a powerful way of changing your life for the better, appropriate if you:
  • wish to address issues from your past in order to move on
  • are facing challenges in the present
  • are anticipating the future and need to make important choices

Who are you really?

We are each born with in an innate potential to follow the North Star of who we really are, our true, authentic self, or Soul. Then life happens and we are unconsciously conditioned through experiences that disconnect us from our truth, to adapt who we are. This can include taking on the expectations of our family and society, losing someone we love, difficult childhood experiences or a bullying or abusive or relationship. We are left with emotions we don’t know how to process such as sadness, anger, unhappiness, guilt and shame and behave in a manner that is our of alignment with our truth. Over time these suppressed emotions cause an excess of stress hormones and interrupt our mental and physical wellbeing.

How does counselling work?

By providing a safe space in which to welcome all that you are, with a heart-centred attitude of curiosity, counselling enables you to accept your life experiences and welcome all parts of your personality, with compassion. So you can integrate your past and live with a supportive inner community of self. The result is inner freedom and re-connection to your true, authentic self and Soul. By working directly with the relationship between your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, counselling is a holistic approach that supports lasting change.

Outcomes you can expect

  • peace of mind & reduced stress & anxiety
  • improved mental & physical wellbeing
  • self-awareness & acceptance
  • the ability to listen to your your thoughts & feelings
  • self-esteem & the confidence to assert boundaries by speaking your truth
  • mutually fulfilling relationships
  • connection to your creativity, intuition & spirituality
  • inner freedom

What is my approach?

I am trained in a variety of humanistic approaches that rest on the belief that growth and healing are possible, given the appropriate conditions. In response to a therapeutic relationship that offers genuineness, empathy and unconditional love, a kind of alchemy takes place and transformation occurs. You emerge from the chrysalis of your conditioned self into the person you were born to be. You find freedom! I have 30+ years of experience studying the spiritual tradition of mysticism, supported by yoga and meditation. I lived in Thailand for 2.5 years where I trained as a Reiki Teacher and deepened my experience of yoga, meditation and breath work. Where appropriate to your wish and need, I integrate these practices in our work together, also incorporating creativity and the uniquely gentle approach to supporting emotional resilience, relaxation and stress reduction Breath Perception®. I am a skilled, intuitive therapist who takes seriously the responsibility of working on myself daily, as a foundation for working with you.

Make an appointment

For more information or to make an appointment please get in touch. Feeling apprehensive is a natural part of seek a counsellor you can trust. I will greet you with respect, kindness and genuine care.